At Steel City Pizza, we believe in providing great value for high quality food and service.

We have experienced increased costs in overhead, especially in the areas of credit card processing fees and packaging required for take-out orders. After carefully considering all our options, we have instituted service fees in these specific areas, in lieu of an overall menu price increase. Please be assured that Steel City Pizza is making every effort to keep fees to a minimum and will continue to monitor costs and adjust when able.

We include a surcharge of 3% on all credit card purchases to help offset processing costs. This amount is never more than our cost of acceptance. We do not charge fees on debit cards, gift cards or cash payments.

For all take-out orders, a 3% service fee is added to offset the costs associated with containers, utensils, individual condiment packets and other supplies needed for takeout service. This fee helps us cover the costs incurred when preparing and packaging food for takeout.

We greatly appreciate your continued business and support!

If you have any further questions or concerns about our service fees, please contact us at